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Ornamental Gate & Fence won the NOMMA Top Job Award on this custom driveway Gate. This 2012 national award was voted top driveway gate in the nation.

We enjoyed building this 3-D artistic metal work into a automatic entry gate. Environment West drew up a concept and provided photo copy of a motorcycle. Our team of dedicated fabricators and gate specialist worked together to produce this powder coated driveway gate that has a working headlight and tail light. We used custom finishing techniques on the fabricated Motorcycle

Custom made automatic entry gate with a custom made motorcycle on it.

Extra Large 3D Bird Single Drive Entry System This entry gate was fabricated to local landscape designer specifications. The three dimensional duck in flight was part of the entry statement at a gated community in Oregon. The depth of the gate at its widest point is 12". Our custom adjustable hinges worked out well for this heavy entry gate.

Pictured is an Entry gate at a private residence. Powder coated copper vein with the resident's initials in the center powder coated bronze highlights the entry statement. The gate has a substantial look with an over sized top rail that is 4" deep. The entry gate is driven by an Elite CSW 200 gate operator. Complete entry with automatic gate, keypad and mailbox all set in classic brick

Automatic Single Swing Drive Gate With Matching Fence On Both Sides This is an 18' private ornamental entry gate serving a single residence. The 2" tube frame with pickets welded between the horizontal members creates a very sturdy system. This gate is powder coated black and operated by an Elite CSW 200 operator.

This is another view of the drive way gate with matching powder coated fencing to add security to the residence. We always weld the pickets between the horizontal members to add to the rigidity of the gate. When pickets are welded to the out side of the gate, it is easier but substantially reduces the structural soundness of the entry gate. Heavy Duty Powder Coated Ornamental Fence

High Tech Ornamental Powder Coated Drive Gate Design By working closely with our clients we designed this ornamental entry gate. The driveway gate is an uphill swinging gate powered by an Elite CSW operator. We mounted this residential entry gate on existing rock columns. It is powder coated black with matching pedestal for a Doorking 1812 telephone entry system that is fully automatic and controlled from the privacy and security of the home.

This gated community entry gate was designed by a local landscape designer. We worked closely with the designer to insure the gated entry would be functional and built to insure the long term security and privacy for the community. This gated community uses the Elite CSW gate operators as well as the Elite Dial Code telephone entry. Complete Automated Western Theme Gate Entry

Ornamental Iron Powder Coated Gate With Brick Columns And Lights On this single resident privacy gate the camel hump style gate blends in well with the stone columns and lights. Like most gates we provided full electrical service from installing the meter and breaker panel to gate lighting. This Spokane county entry gate will offer years of security and privacy.

An ornamental entry gate with the address built into the driveway gate helps people to determine the correct residence. This Spokane county gate was installed with vehicle detection loops and is powered by the Elite CSW gate operator. We provided the electrical from the meter / breaker panel to allow for future lighting at the gate for increased security. Entry Gate With Address

Automatic Entry Gate With A Plasma Cut Out, Brick Columns And Lights This driveway gate with wildlife scene was designed in house. A low voltage Elite gate operator was used to best suit the clients needs. This automatic entry gate can be powered from a supply from the house by a solar panel. This entry gate is powder coated two colors. The wildlife scene with mallards and reeds is providing security to homes near the water.

This residential entry gate was designed using the owner's artwork. This solar powered gate is driven by a low voltage Elite gate operator. Exit sensors and safety induction loops are also powered by the solar panel. There are many low voltage gate operators but most are limited by the entry gate size and weight. Automatic Entry Gate With A Plasma Cut Out, Brick Columns And Lights

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