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If you own or are thinking about purchasing an Chamberlain Elite CSW 200, LiftMaster RSW12V, CSW24V, RoboSwing or a HySecurity SwingSmart Swing gate operator or Swing gate motor or a swing gate with an electronic opener protect your investment with the AMERICAN GATE LOCK!! This amazing lock along with Master Lock will secure the top cap or top cover of your gate motor to keep the bad guys or burglars out of your property.

The American Gate Lock protects your investments by securing the manual release on your gate operator arm. The Cludge or Kludge cannot be accessed with this new gate lock installed unless the 4 digit code is known. There is no drilling, No Welding and only takes seconds to install. You can give your service techs the code so they won't have to chase down keys. Order yours today.

The arms of gate operators can be
very simple to remove
This device will lock the arm of
the CSW-200UL gate operator.


☆  Free-spinning top for security
  ☆ Prevents easy arm removal
  ☆ Zinc plated finish

Allows for placement of the
gate operator on outside of gate.


Easy to install. Takes seconds!!!


Love it!! It's like they said, 30 seconds and it's installed and we were done with it and the gate opener arm was secured. I had bought another brand only to realize I needed to find someone to weld a part on mom's gate opener and then drill a hole into the cover!!! My father had passed away and us girls were trying help make moms home more secure.

My sister found the American Gate Lock on the internet and it sounded easy so we ordered one. What a breeze!! Instead of passing out keys we just called the fire department and anyone else that may need emergency access to moms place and gave them the code to the Master lock. Please feel free to use this.

The 3 C's Oakland Ca.

Agl-1 shown installed on CSW-200UL with cover

AGL-1 Shown installed on CSW-200UL with Cover

AGL-4 Shown on HySecurity Gate Operator

AGL-4 Shown on HySecurity

WOW! I just received my lock kit in the mail and installed it. It is cool, solid built, it's not hollow or cheaply made. It took me longer to walk down my driveway than to put on the lock.

Thanks guys, Dale


Stop thieves and vandals

Locks Most Fasteners On:

→ Gate Operators
→ Enclosures
→ Mobile Equipments

The List is Endless

Desperate to do something, I bought a couple of your gate arm locks and instantly our community stopped having problems with contractors using the manual lever to get in the gates!!! Now they are using the codes like they are supposed to.

Thanks, Kate Look Out Mountain HOA


AGL-1    1/4" Male Thread
AGL-2    1/4" Female Thread
AGL-3    3/8" Male Thread
AGL-4    3/8" Female Thread
AGL-5    1/2" Male Thread
AGL-6    1/2" Female Thread

Order yours today for only $119.99 with FREE SHIPPING!
(list price $149.99)

AGL-1: Elite CSW 200 , Elite- Robo Swing,
LiftMaster RSW 12v, Liftmaster CSW 24v.

AGL-4: HySecurity SwingSmart

Parts that come with the gate operator clutch cover lock kit

Parts Included

Click here for a PDF Brochure

Click here for a PDF Instruction sheet on how to install your lock


Contact your local fire jurisdiction for any requirements pertaining to this lock.

Distributed by: Ornamental Gate & Fence

Phone 509 238-6042

This new exciting device is used to lock your top cover (cludge cover) on the Elite CSW 200 gate operators as well as the Hysecurity Swing Smart gate operators. Stop unauthorized access to your gate motor by securing the top hub cover which secures the manual release on most pad mounted gate openers. NO WELDING !!! NO DRILLING !!!! Easy to install. Takes seconds!!!! This gate locking system is perfect for gate maintenance companies. NO MASS PRODUCED KEYS!!! No need to track down keys for access. With the 4 digit code fire departments and other emergency responders can simply inter in the code and use the lock to open the top cover. Allows for ONLY authorized personal who know the 4 digit code to gain access to the manual operation of the gate system.

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