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Ornamental Iron And Chain Link Cantilever Slide Gates

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This gate and gate operator was installed for a customer who had, had other gates installed that did not go well. He was very concerned with his warrantee and making sure there would be someone around if he had problems. I knew of his past experiences and knew we would make him VERY happy. This 27' Slide gate using the Trolley Glide System was installed in provide security for customer parking. He has been extremely happy. He did have to call us out late one wintery Friday night. The owner had forgot the gate code and was entering in the wrong code(his employees usually did the gate opening & closing) This free call was a part of our customer satisfaction. We know if we don't get it right the first time we will be out for free the next time. <

We also install bollards to help protect our parking gate systems. We install bollards at barrier gates and other gate operators Like anything else there is different qualities of bollard installations. We put more underground than most. We want the bollards to stop the vehicle not bend over when hit. During these times of cutting cost we believe QUALITY & GOOOOOOD Customer service is the RIGHT way to run our business.<

Hy-Security Slide Smart gate opener operator Hy-Security Slide Smart gate opener operator Hy-Security Slide Smart gate opener operator

Ornamental Slide Gate for a Storage Unit Ornamental Slide Gate for a Storage Unit
Cantilever Security Gate Cantilever Slide Gate

Heavy Duty slide gate with Glide Beam Heavy duty slide gate made with the "Glide Beam". This is a newer system that is very clean looking and trouble free.
We use this system a lot for storage facilities and other secured environments.
the glide beam system is shown at the bottom of the gate

(509) 238-6042


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